May 12

Gold Bull Peter Schiff On CNBC

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Peter Schiff put’s gold in perspective amid the current European crisis.

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May 06

Dow Volatility and Gold

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This is a remarkable day for the DOW. There has been some heavy swings and a borderline collapse. This backs up the case to have Gold as a part of your investment portfolio. A safe haven to hedge against any dramatic falls in stocks should be part of any sensible investor’s portfolio.

If the current crisis in Greece spreads there is a summer of volatility ahead on both currency and stock markets. Think about Gold because there may be an opportunity to get a good deal during this current gold rally because of people selling to realize profits.

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May 06

Greece and Gold

Gold Price Comments Off on Greece and Gold

The current problems Greece is facing is having a huge impact on both currency and stock markets. The Euro is suffering along with European bank stocks. This is a time where the value of having Gold as part of your portfolio becomes really apparent.

If the crisis in Greece spreads to other European countries Gold will become an extremely valuable asset to have in your personal portfolio. It’s scary to think about it, but the Eurozone is currently in very bad shape. After Greece other countries such as Spain, Portugal and Ireland have the distinct potential to put enormous pressure on the currency.

Gold is a counterweight that you can use to safeguard your personal wealth against this scenario. It may be floating around all time highs right now but if European sovereign debt fears prove true it may go a lot higher. This particularly rings true for people in the Eurozone.

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